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Massage Warrior
2600 Nasa Pkwy 102
SeabrookTX 77586
 (713) 408-4911
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Personalized Massage Therapy in Seabrook, TX

Welcome to Massage Warrior

Are you experiencing neck, back, or shoulder pain? Our talented massage therapist, Jacob, provides a personalized consultation and conducts tests to figure out the source of your pain and discomfort to treat pain at the root of the cause. Jacob's massage therapy techniques provide a more thorough and thoughtful experience that delivers the services that will help you in the long-term, rather than bandaging symptoms. Whether you're in serious pain or need a relaxing and therapeutic massage, Jacob can provide the care and experience desired. Located in the Seabrook, TX, area, Jacob can bring massage therapy services to many. He wants you to know that your health and vitality matter the utmost to him at Massage Warrior.

Massage Services Jacob Provides Include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage - This technique relieves chronic aches, such as sciatic nerve pain, and muscle tension that may form in the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back and leg muscles.

  • Sports Massage - Jacob's trained sports massage concentrates on soothing soreness that occurs from overuse due to athletic training or competition. Additionally, sports massages are designed to help increase motion and flexibility.

  • Positional Release - Positional release moves both the muscle and joint simultaneously to achieve a full release of tension and restore pain-free movement.

  • Myofascial Release - Our massage therapist, Jacob, applies moderate pressure to help ease tension as well as increase mobility. 

  • Swedish Massage - A classic and a favorite, Jacob helps increase physical relaxation while decreasing mental and physical stress. 

  • Trigger Point - A massage technique that alleviates pain through isolated pressure and release of specific trigger points on the body. 

  • Thai Massage - Jacob provides a calming and invigorating experience that consists of stretching and acupressure massage.

  • Hot Stone Massage - Heat is applied to heal sore and fatigued muscle tissue. 
Give Jacob a call at (713) 408-4911 today to schedule an appointment with our talented massage therapist. 

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